What We do

What We Do

The services that Harcombe Valley Care covers are assisting with: washing; bathing; shaving; retiring to bed and getting up; preparation of light meals; housework; shopping; and other day to day tasks, so all everyday living needs are taken care of, allowing the client to remain in their own home.

The hours can be varied and are tailored to meet your needs - ranging from as little as half an hour a day, to as long as 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are no limits to Harcombe Valley Care's commitment for supporting people in the local community and we would do everything to help and keep clients in their familar, safe and secure surroundings of their home.

We offer: Personal Care; Domestic Help; Meals; Carer relief; and all our staff are fully Police Checked.

Harcombe Valley Care Ltd,
The professional caring service, throughout East Devon.